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Polaroid has finally evolved and no longer just producing instant minute-photographs but already in the Television business. The Polaroid TV that is currently out in the market are making headways and selling like hotcakes because of remarkable features and designs that everyone finds it absolutely worth their every penny due to its affordability.

Make the best purchase of  television set.

Polaroid tv reviews

Polaroid lcd tv

Polaroid lcd tv

Polaroid Corporation was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land.  Consumer electronics is the major market of this company spread worldwide.

Polaroid brand  is most famous for its instant film cameras. The first was sold in 1948. They were the company’s major product line until the February 2008 when digital production step place.

Polavision, an instant movie system, based on the Dufaycolor process, was the company development. Polaroid tv set place to the market.

Polachrome instant slide film system was the next generation technology improvemend.

Polaroid company was down for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2001. All Polaroid tvs were still on the market.

Year 2010 is the new begining for the Polaroid brand. Televisions and new products are developing.
On January 5, 2010, Polaroid partnered with Lady Gaga. She is the new creative director of the company. The partnership sets together  world’s most iconic brands with today’s most controversial musical artist on the MTV scene.

The company starts the new area and its goal is to gain the company brand name back to its place. The new consumer electronic product are set on the market. Polaroid lcd tv is one of them.

Polaroid lcd tv

The decent price of the Polaroid TV makes it a great buy for ordinary folks who wish to change their viewing habit and this is achievable with HD LCD 1521 –TLUB Digital TV. This model of Polaroid has excellent specifications that would really entice consumers to part with their money and not just because of the great look and style.

Some of the specs of the HD Digital TV are the aspect ratio is around 16:9 and video features of 1080i, 480p, 480i, 720p digital compatibility. The panel is a pixel premium P3 with hybrid digital analog tuner that is built-in. A pull down motion compensation of 3:2 and 2:2 that is also manufactured with trilingual display of French, Spanish, and English. What is more, a digital television comes with a sleep timer and full remote control function

Now when it comes to the audio features of a Polaroid TV this comes with enhanced speakers also built to give consumers superb sounds that will rock the house down. A full SAP stereo sound, Dolby digital sound for a life like clarity accompanied with SRS WOW to complete audio system.

All these great features are just a sample of what you can expect from one remarkable TV that is also an LCD. Imagine, aside from what is already discussed above you can also have a light weight TV, HDMI input and output, good pictures that almost makes you think that the TV you are watching to keep you tuned to your old time favorite  show is simply perfect.

Where else can you find a resolution that is totally native and even better than regular plasma? In addition, at the price you can afford to make life easier and totally comfortable with the show you want and when you want them.

This may not be the perfect TV as everything has a flaws but the quality is certainly enough to make this a must purchase entertainment equipment of the century. I should know because I have been using a Polaroid TV for quite some time now and it is working just fine until this day.

It is true that other brands have also great features that some people also consider their Polaroid TV worth buying, but nothing as consumer friendly as this brand when it comes to price. The cost of a TV from the king of instant photo is lower compared to the leading LCD TV and so if you are not keen on brands and wants to save more – Choice this brand because it is the right choice.