Best Lcd Tv 2010


When you think of the best LCD TV in the year 2010 everyone has a few options in their mind. Remember that everyone’s opinion of the best LCD TV is varied and hence we really can’t pinpoint exactly as to which one is the best LCD TV of 2010. However many people have rated Polaroid LCD TVs as being the best bet of the year.

Best Lcd Tv 2010

Take for example, their hottest selling model Polaroid 3211-TLXB. This is a 32 inch television which support HDTV format. The TV delivers sharper display than its counterparts. The display supports a maximum resolution of 720p which leads to lively images. The TV is available online for around $580 which is quite a reasonable price.

The Polaroid TV supports a dynamic contrast ration of 1200:1 and a brightness of 500cd/m2. The new 3D Digital Comb Filter has an advanced noise reduction feature which helps to minimize any blurring effects even in darker environments. The anti glare screen ensures that you won’t have any glare on the screen during the day and hence there is no need to draw the curtains. The high refresh rate ensures that you don’t experience any jittery effects in the high action scenes.

The built in digital tuner ensures that you get full access to all the free to air digital channels. The TV does not only provide good quality output but also ensures excellent sound quality because of its 2 built in stereo speakers. There are audio setting so adjust the bass and the treble effects. The equalizer can be used to adjust the sound features of your choice.

There are a lot of connectivity options as well such as 2 component video inputs. There is also a S video input and 2 HDMI ports to which you can connect devices such as the camcorder. The TV also has a computer connection and hence it can be used as a computer monitor. You can even connect your latest DV devices to the TV such as gaming console and Blu-Ray player.

You can also mount the TV on the wall with its unique VESA wall mountable feature. The progressive scanning feature automatically searches for any new channels available on your network and then automatically tunes them so that you can watch them. The large 170 degree viewing angle ensures that you can see clear display even if you are sitting in a corner of your room. You can even play with the colors using the color temperature control. The video noise reduction feature prevents the excess background noise from reaching your ears.

The Polaroid TV also has a parental control to ensure that the children are allowed to watch only those channels that they are permitted to watch. The Polaroid TV is the best value for money and even incase you are thinking of buying another TV then you should ideally look for the features mentioned above. The rates of all TVs have become very competitive over the last few years.