Polaroid GL30


Instant photography and Polaroid is almost synonymous.  Polaroid is very respected and quite popular when it comes to instant photography.  The brand Polaroid has been in existence for over seventy years beginning with their sunglasses before they evolved into the production of instant film, camera accessories and camera.  The brand has now expanded to the sale of panel flat TVs, digital picture frames, waterproof digital cameras and portable DVD players, among others.

There is specifically the Polaroid GL30 Instant Digital Camera.

Polaroid GL30

Polaroid GL30

This is a digital camera that is all-in-one and instant picture printer and the digital display which utilizes what is known as the “next generation ZINK Zero Ink Technology.” This was the last of the marketing act for Gagas but it is arguably the most attention-grabbing one.  It looks like the classic Polaroid camera with its wide slab front which has an old-fashion look and a thin tail that looks like a modern-retro twist.

Albeit the Polaroid gl30 also operates like the classic Polaroid, this is really a digital camera.  As such, it uses a LCD screen that pops up for the composition of the photograph in the same way that it works on other digital cameras.

If you are using your Polaroid gl30 as the classic Polaroid camera would be utilized, then prior to it sending out your pictures, effects and filters can be applied so that your pictures can be given the retro feel you want it to have.  This works in the same way that a number of apps on iPhones as well as other smartphones work as well.

Some of the specifications of the Polaroid gl30 include the pop-up LCD screen that works for reviewing the shots that you take and for composting the shots as well.  In addition, it prints on ZINK or zero-link paper; 3” x 4.”  It can also be used as a Bluetooth wireless printer and is compatible with almost all mobile phones (excluding the iPhone), as well as almost all the digital cameras that are on the market.

You are also given a choice of print styles that are inclusive of include the border and the full edge-to-edge prints.  These Polaroid instant cameras are a fun and distinct way of taking pictures and it is great for professional photographers as well as those persons who just simply love to take pictures and enjoys the idea of the instant photography.  There are just so many ways in which to enjoy your Polaroid gl30 and take those great pictures that will capture the most memorable moments in your life time with your family members and your friends.

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