Polaroid Land Camera 1000


Polaroid announced recently it was going to release a large quantity of plastic casing, consumer cameras that would not fold up and made use of the SX-70. The Land Camera 1000 was developed for the overseas market and served as an upgraded version of the popular One Step models (as they were generally called in the US). These were fixed focus cameras that were part of three distinct lines that Polaroid issued.

There was also the Zone Focus model (known as Pronto in the US market) and the Sonar Autofocus camera, all of which used the SX-70 film. The Land Camera 1000 is powered by a battery installed within the film pack. The Land Camera 1000 is the fixed focus version with a plastic lens. The Land Camera 1000 and the US distributed One Step cameras were made available with two different coloured shutter keys – red or green. It is not known which of the two cameras went on to become the biggest seller but sales worldwide were said to be very encouraging.

The Land Camera 1000 has a plastic lens with a fixed aperture and a four feet minimum focus distance. No paper is required when you use the

Polaroid Land Camera 1000

Polaroid Land Camera 1000 and the photo you take will usually take around three to four minutes to develop during which time you will hear the model clicking and whirring as it develops its magical image.

In the days before digital cameras, such models were the stuff of awe and many users were delighted at having an opportunity to take a picture without having to take the film role all the way to the film processing centre and waiting 48 hours for you pictures to develop.

The Land Camera will also eject a black-coloured light proofing cover when you install the SX-70 film in. There are no filters to place inside and many of these cameras can still be found today on trading websites like eBay or Amazon.

The button you will discover on the front is used to adjust the aperture or shutter speeds. In general the camera has a kind of retro feel but one that was, and still is, much loved today. There is even a page on Facebook for fans of this model with more than 1,500 members who will swap tips and advice on how to get the best use from their Land Camera.

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