Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera


Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera is an extension of the advertised Lady GaGa’s GL10 mobile Bluetooth printer and is quickly coming behind the X720E. This Polaroid alternative revitalizes the instant camera genre, with a completely featured digital point and shoot with a printer included. Is it instant quality or old junk?


Retro design

Sporting an unusual thick shape, the Z340 is definitely retro in origin and design. The printer is located at the back whereas the camera takes up half of the front. The Z340 needs to be held with both hands because of its flip-up 2.7” LCD screen, shape, size, weight, orientation and positioning of the shutter release-button. It’s not comfortable to hold it with one hand. All of these leave us to wonder why there’s a handle on the left-hand side. Although it is comfortable enough, it leaves a thumb or any finger, in a place where it reaches over the shutter button a little. Apart from the unchangeable flip-out, the function of the Z340 LCD screen on the rear/top is almost the same as any other camera. The general functions and menu is situated around the ‘OK” button. One slight difference is the addition of a rocker that switches between viewing images in photo and video modes.

The printer is available through a flap in the front of the LCD screen, and only takes 3×4” heat-ZINK Zero Ink paper – a pack holding 30 costs £15, and works out at a high cost of £50 a picture, so don’t anticipate full size prints.

Core specs

The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera can work as a normal digital camera despite its unusual print feature and old styling, and a really good one at that. With the inclusion of the normal SD Card slot, the results can be shared as easily as they’re printed, and the 14-megapixel antenna will become useful. You won’t be able to see the finest detail on 3×4” ZINK paper, but that’s not actually the aim of this device. For white balance and ISO, the Z340 includes a wide range of scene presets beside several manual twists, however its auto mode id going to rule for many users. Not many will depend on the Z340 as their main digital camera, although it does possess a video mode as well. This is able to show 1280×720 resolution movies, in which the Z340 provides relatively average results, but they’ll do for necessary YouTube uploads.


The Z340 is not hard to use. Although the shutter is in a weird place, the camera works as you’d expect one to. Same as the zoom rocker, which needs your free hand to function. As soon as you take the picture, printing can begin immediately, although many will want to disable that feature and choose the pictures they want to print manually from the photo viewer. You can reduce red-eye, add borders and crop photos before printing.

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