Renting Polaroid Cameras: Capture Your Wedding in Vintage Style


If you were born between the 50’s and 90’s, the Polaroid instant camera should readily spring to mind. It was indeed the best thing to happen to civilization since baked beans. The Polaroid was not really fantastic with picture quality when you compare it today. However, its unique selling point was the fact it was instant. There was no need to hit the ‘red room’ and develop film. You could take a snap and in less than 120 seconds watch it develop before your eyes.

The good news is that the Polaroid instant camera is back and now competing with the everyday digital camera. So if you have stashed your Polaroid camera somewhere around the house, now is a great time to bring it out. The makers of Polaroid cameras have also started to remake the Polaroid One-Shot. The stills are more detailed than digital cameras. They are great for crime scenes and weddings.

Rent Polaroid cameraThe Polaroid 600 film is incredibly crisp and more crystal clear than most instant developing film. Old photos yellow over time. However, the new Polaroid 600 is more pronounced and preserves pictures for many years to come. However, one of the shortcomings of the Polaroid camera and 600 film is that they are very hard to come by. And even when you do find them, the price is shoots through the roof. So if you are looking to capture special wedding moments and ensure they remain evergreen, renting a Polaroid camera would be smart way to go.

Rent a Polaroid instant camera and ensure that your wedding details work together. Take pictures of the décor and dresses as inspiration for your florist and decorator. A Polaroid photo will help you coordinate colors and keep all your wedding plans or aesthetics in good order. This includes your wedding dress, bouquets, tuxedos and other important things that make a great wedding.

A Polaroid instant camera helps you achieve the ultimate wedding day look; you can take pictures of your preferred wedding gown, shoes and other accessories in their natural element and send to friends or family for comments. Polaroid cameras are a throwback from the olden days. However, they come in handy for wedding preparations and if you plan on creating an old-fashioned guest book. The pictures are eerily natural with a soft focus which is very unusual these days with all the digital brouhaha.

There are alternatives that you can use from the vintage camera. The One600 Classic Instant Camera brings back all those feelings of old. It is user-friendly and comes with a sleek, foldable design. It is great for weddings, parties, family events and much more. Pictures are brightened with a red-eye reduction feature. It also comes with a digital LCD picture feature and setting display counter. However, nothing beats a vintage Polaroid camera, most of them are hard to find and expensive. So it is best that you go for the one that you can rent and go ahead to capture those special moments.

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