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Polaroid Land Camera 1000

Polaroid announced recently it was going to release a large quantity of plastic casing, consumer cameras that would not fold up and made use of the SX-70. The Land Camera 1000 was developed for the overseas market and served as an upgraded version of the popular One Step models (as they were generally called in […]

The Pogo Instant Mobile Printer: Print Photos from Your Mobile Phone or Digital Camera Instantly

The Pogo Instant Mobile Printer is a convenient wireless printer manufactured by Polaroid. It was released in 2008 and is a portable companion for digital cameras and camera-enabled mobile phones. The Pogo allows you connect wirelessly to these aforementioned devices and print pictures directly to glossy quality paper without the use of a laptop or […]

Renting Polaroid Cameras: Capture Your Wedding in Vintage Style

If you were born between the 50’s and 90’s, the Polaroid instant camera should readily spring to mind. It was indeed the best thing to happen to civilization since baked beans. The Polaroid was not really fantastic with picture quality when you compare it today. However, its unique selling point was the fact it was […]

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera is an extension of the advertised Lady GaGa’s GL10 mobile Bluetooth printer and is quickly coming behind the X720E. This Polaroid alternative revitalizes the instant camera genre, with a completely featured digital point and shoot with a printer included. Is it instant quality or old junk?   Retro design Sporting […]

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera Powered By Android

There is no longer any need for you to decide between your regular camera and your smart phone, with the introduction of the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera you get the best of both devices. This device is power-driven by Android and provides everything you would get from a digital camera. This Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera […]

Polaroid x530

The advent of the Polaroid digital camera has given amateur photographers the ability to take pictures that look as good as the professional counterparts.  As such, if you are in the market for a digital camera that has great pixel quality, a huge inbuilt memory, a big LCD screen and other great features at a […]

Polaroid GL30

Instant photography and Polaroid is almost synonymous.  Polaroid is very respected and quite popular when it comes to instant photography.  The brand Polaroid has been in existence for over seventy years beginning with their sunglasses before they evolved into the production of instant film, camera accessories and camera.  The brand has now expanded to the […]

Polaroid Digital Camcorder

Capturing videos and taking pictures have increasing become a favorite activity in the world today.  The desire and need to document the special moments that occur in our daily lives or perhaps even the moments when we just feel vain, have become a central part of the society these days. By and large, camcorders function […]

Polaroid Propack Camera

The Features and Advantages of The Polaroid Propack Camera The Polaroid Propack Camera is an analog compact camera that has the ability to capture black and white photos and produce the pictures just moments after the image has been taken. One of its features is its focus free simplicity, meaning that the Polaroid Propack Camera […]

The Polaroid JoyCam Film

For people who are interested in photography, instant photography is a very crucial factor. Such people will therefore not settle for any camera if it does not deliver the kind of instant photography that they are looking for. The Polaroid JoyCam Film is one of those cameras that work in such a way that it […]