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Polaroid  remote is the best buy on the market. For low price you recieve high tech tv remote controler. Universal remote controller is a substitution for a dozen different remotes for all kind of devices in a home entertainment system and surrounding electronic equipment. Perfect solution to solve this problem is to obtain Polaroid remote.  You can control a tv, satellite or cable box, DVD player, video recorder, digital media player etc. Over the years Polaroid has continued to refresh and update the lineup of universal remote controllers.

Here is the list of TV model numbers and Number of the remote controler:

TV Model number            Polaroid remote number
FCM-0700A RC-518C
FCM-1000A RC-518C
FLA-1911                                845-A34-P90PH
FLA-1911B 845-A34-P90PH
FLA-1911M 845-A34-P90PH
FLA-1911S                              845-A34-P90PH
FLM-153B RC-6078B
FLM-323B                               845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-373B 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-1501 301-UL20H3-31RF
FLM-1507 8201804400L
FLM-1511 301-UL15Y3-49RA
FLM-1512                               8201804400L
FLM-1514 RC-6078B
FLM-1514B RC-6078B
FLM-1517 RC-6078B
FLM-1711 301-UL20H3-31RF
FLM-1911 845-A34-P90PH
FLM-1911B 845-A34-P90PH
FLM-1911M 845-A34-P90PH
FLM-2011 301-U20H15-41RB
FLM-2011M                          301-U20H15-41RB
FLM-2017                            RC-6077
FLM-2632 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-2632M 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-2634B 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-2634M 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3001                        5052731043
FLM-3232                             845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3232B                           845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3232M 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3234B 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3732 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3732B 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3732M    845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-3734B 845-B45-GF1XAPH
FLM-4034B    845-C45-GF1XAPH
FLM-4234BH 845-C45-GF1XAPH
FLU-1911S 845-A34-P90PH
FLX-3202    845-B45-GF1XAEH
LCD1750 LCD1750
PLA-4217 845-B45-GF1XAEH
PLA-4240    301-DL42T17-02A
PLA-4250A 5041809100
PLA-4260    0980-0303-9000
PLA-4260MTR 0980-0303-9000
PLA-5048 845-B45-GF1XAEH
PVD-2990 845-042-GF1XAB-PH
TDA-02610C    845-C45GF1XAPEH
TDA-03211C 845-C45-GF1XAPH
TDX-142 KK-Y284B
TDX-01930B 845-C45-GF1XAPH
TDX-02610B    845-C45GF1XAPEH
TLA-01511C 845-042-GF1XAPH
TLA-01901C    810034697CH
TLA-01911C    845-042-GF1XAPH
TLA-04011C 845-C45GF1XAPEH
TLA-04641C    845-C45GF1XAPEH
TLX-01911C 845-042-GF1XAPH
TLX-03210B 845-B45GF1XAPEH
TLX-04011C 845-C45GF1XAPEH
TLX-04240B    845-B45GF1XAPEH
TTM-1421C KK-Y261G
TTM-2004 KK-Y261G
TTM-2004R KK-Y261G
TTM-2401 BT-0329D-CH
TTM-2410    KK-Y294
TTM-2420    KK-Y294
TTX-141 KK-Y261G
1521-TLUB 04AD-001P000
1911TLXB    845-042-GF1XAB-PH
1921-TBUD    04AD-001P000
2611TLXB 845-C45-GF1XAPH
3211TLXB 845-C45-GF1XAPH
4011TLXB 845-C45GF1XAPEH
4241TLXB    845-C45GF1XAPEH
4641TLXB     845-C45GF1XAPEH

9 Responses to “Polaroid remote”

  1. I’m interested in finding a Polaroid Remote for a FLM-2632 TV; I believe tghe remote model number is 845-B45-GF1XAPH.

    Do you have one available and, if so, at what cost?

  2. Self Made Wealth Bonus on January 23rd, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

  3. The Comcast DTA is made by Cysco.

  4. BILL HIBBARD on June 4th, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Comcast just installed boxes on our TV’s in Panama City Beach, FL… they could not get the cable box remote to program for our HDMI TV. Comcast suggested I program the Polaroid remote to run the Comcast DTA made by Cysco.

    I need instructions to program the “CAB/SAT” button for the Comcast box. My Polaroid remote is labeled “RC-201? on the back.

  5. Elodia Martinez on July 22nd, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    My remote control was lost were can I get a new one and I don’t want a universal one only the original to the t.v.

  6. necesito comprar un control remoto ( 845-C45GF1XAPEH) para un TV led modelo TLA-04011C, quisiera saber donde lo puedo comprar por internet, y si ustedes lo tienen y cual es el precio


  7. pattie ferguson on November 6th, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    need to order a new remote for FLM-3732

  8. Looking for remote control for FLM-323B Polaroid TV or a replacement.

  9. needing a remote control for polaroid 32 in TV # flm-323b
    the remote # 845b45gfixaph thanks

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