The Polaroid Widescreen 22’ Inch TV: An Unbiased Review from an Electronic Junkie


Polaroid has redefined home entertainment with the LED TV. This slim and high-definition 22’ Widescreen TV comes with LED backlight which illuminates your visual experience with sharp picture quality and captivating colors. It has a contrast ratio of 700: 1, a feedback time of 5 msec and a resolution of 1680×1050. It has many other components which include VGA, AV-in, S-video and HDMI. You can connect to your DVD or Blu-Ray Player and hook up to your home theatre.

Polaroid’s work on the LED 22’ TV is very impressive. The On-screen display can be used to select different input sources. The remote control allows you to quickly switch from analogue to digital mode and comes with 5 different picture modes. This includes movies, sport, user, game and vivid. The settings for sharpness, brightness, saturation, contrast and scale can be adjusted for each picture type.

Furthermore, you can program what your kids watch, create a favorite’s list and access the electronic program guide with ease. The picture quality of the Polaroid LED is helped by the 2D boost filter that enriches image clarity and enhances the contrast and luminance levels. This makes it possible for you to see objects in dark scenery very clearly.

The various controls are located by the side frame even though most people would opt for the remote control. However, it is crucial that you know where to find them in case your remote control is nowhere to be found. You can set your TV in sleep mode and set it on a timer to wake you up. The main power can be shut down completely via a switch that is located at the rear end of the TV.

The Polaroid Widescreen 22’ LED TV can be easily set up and connected to anything you want.  The details, instructions and diagrams are provided in the user guide. So if you want to connect your DVD, Blu-Ray player, Sky box or PVR unit, things are pretty straightforward if you use the guide. Channel scanning is on auto-pilot with minimal user interaction required. For effective results, scan terrestrial channels first before searching for digital channels.

The Polaroid 22’ LED TV is an improvement from the LCD with light emitting diodes that produce sharper images and clearer pictures. They are thinner and very light and can be easily mounted on walls. This gives your home (or office) a touch of class and sophisticated elegance. Despite the influx of HD televisions into the market, the Polaroid Widescreen 22’ LED TV will surely change your mind.

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