Who Makes Polaroid TV?


Back in late 2007, Polaroid launched a new range of premium LCD television sets. At the time LCD television was revolutionizing the market in home entertainment. The sets were ideal for placing on the walls of bars, social clubs and restaurants for customers to watch live sporting events. When you think of Polaroid, you imagine instamatic cameras and encased in a plastic box, and not televisions. However, the “Definia” range of LCD televisions were immensely popular at the time of release and became available in three different sizes – a 32″, 37″ and the biggest one at 42″ and definitely a firm favourite for social clubs and public houses. The Definia range has a great deal of features that one might expect to find on a high quality LCD television set.

But who makes the Polaroid sets? All of the plasma and LCD sets were manufactured in China by a company called Xiamen Overseas China Electronic Services. The company even manufactured and distributed its own range of similar and even identical televisions called “Prima” which were sold at a lower price than the Polaroid branded sets.

Polaroid also manufactured many of its TV sets in Taiwan as well as China; this was to keep production costs as low as possible and passing on this saving to the end consumer. The Polaroid Corporation were formed back in 1937 and its headquarters have always been in Minnesota. The organization has always been better known for the instant cameras it produced and top of the range sunglasses. However when it decided to contract out its plasma range to the Xiamen Electronic Company, it did so with a view to keep costs at an absolute minimum. The Chinese Overseas Company also has a smaller manufacturing plant in Hong Kong.

In March 2010, Polaroid commissioned a company called Starlight International Holdings Ltd to produce a range of flat screen televisions, as the plasma television range had become quickly replaced and were no longer selling as well as they did in 2007. Starlight were commissioned to manufacture and market the sets for sale in Europe and North America.

Polaroid’s television range has proved to be very popular across the world, particularly in the North American market. The LCD televisions manufactured as Polaroid were ranked as the fifth biggest selling brand in the continent. Even in Europe where competition was fierce, Polaroid television were ranked 10th in terms of LCD sales.

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