Polaroid x530

The advent of the Polaroid digital camera has given amateur photographers the ability to take pictures that look as good as the professional counterparts.  As such, if you are in the market for a digital camera that has great pixel quality, a huge inbuilt memory, a big LCD screen and other great features at a […]

Polaroid Digital Camcorder

Capturing videos and taking pictures have increasing become a favorite activity in the world today.  The desire and need to document the special moments that occur in our daily lives or perhaps even the moments when we just feel vain, have become a central part of the society these days. By and large, camcorders function […]

Polaroid pogo instant camera

It is final. At the end of the february the Polaroid Company will began with the marketing of the much-anticipated Polaroid PoGo instant camera in the Far East at first. The newbie is equipped with a built-in printer for the display of text and graphical form does not need a cartridge or toner. Built-in printer […]